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What You Need to Know About Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare

Today, a large number of hospitals in different parts of the world are embracing lean six sigma in their management strategies. It should be noted that the hospitals use the strategies to reduce costs and improve productivity. The lean six sigma strategies were mainly used in manufacturing industries before they later moved to healthcare facilities. The main agenda of lean six sigma is to remove the wastes in company thereby enabling the organizations to focus on delivering more value to customers. This implies that six sigma concentrates much on variation reduction in processes, products, and services If you want to learn more about lean six sigma, you need to pay attention to the contents of this article.

It is worth noting that lean six sigma is a combination of both lean and six sigma quality improvement strategies. Lean and six sigma strategies are known to complement each other.

When we combine the two strategies, lean six sigma is formed which focuses on four main goals that include eliminating waste, improving flow, reducing variation and minimizing defects.

Medical facilities need to adopt lean six sigma methodologies since they help in preventing medical errors. In addition to reducing medical errors, the principal are also vital in reducing mortality rates. The other reason why hospitals need to put in place lean six sigma methodologies is that they are vital in reducing the time spent in hospitals. If you run a hospital, you can benefit from using lean six sigma principles in that they can help you improve patients care. In addition to reducing mortality rates, hospitals that have applied lean six sigma principals in their operations have a higher chance of providing better patient care services.

One of the ways in which healthcare facilities can reduce department siloes and deliver better safety is through the adoption of lean six sigma.

Through the use of lean six sigma approach, you will learn the vital DMAIC approach. The term refers to define, measure, analyze, improve and control. Hospitals that adopt DMAIC problem-solving technique, they are in a better position to solve numerous healthcare problems. If you want to learn more about DMAIC, you are in the right place.

Patients that want to learn much about DMAIC strategy need to first find out the identify patients, their needs and wants. When you want to use lean six sigma strategy, you will have to measure the performance of your healthcare faculty by paying attention to the improvements. Healthcare facilities that are looking forward to improving their services need to put into consideration the level of patient satisfaction, the rate of clinical excellence and service cost.

Besides, sigma six tools need to be used to analyze data collected for measurement to ensure efficiency. If you want to enjoy the benefits of lean six sigma principals, you need to start employing them in your management.
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