Hotels and their sizes

Many of them are really tiny, more likely to say the chambermaid. They have a few rooms and rely on a pleasant environment in which they are built. Also for perfect calm and unovercrowded. You do not meet for breakfast with other thousands of guests, as in some huge apartments. It is pleasant for personal development. Who likes such a hotel is sure to search for a stay in nature and so on.
More options – larger or smaller
 On the other hand, we have the middle ones, which are very common all over the country. And last time, they're the biggest ones, but they're almost a panel-like houses. You are pleasant if you want somewhere among the people. They tend to be near large swimming pools and other places where more people are grouped. And what do you choose? It's up to you. Personally, I would prefer something classic and beautiful, such as accommodation Třeboň. Very nice staff.