Learn to Drive

Driving courses quickly and easily
Getting a driving licence nowadays is a legal way of being appreciated. In the news, every now and then we hear about traffic accidents caused by inexperienced drivers. Driving School Brno Train the driver really thoroughly, but without coercion and humiliating. Only a calm, balanced and satisfied driver is a gift to our roads, but also a blessing for others.
Great Brno Driving School
We are the only ones who offer electronic trip planning on the territory of the city. It only introduced this system, which has proved itself very well and becomes increasingly popular. The Brno Driving School is always a step or a round ahead. Please refer to our course offer. Everything is clearly broken down.
Our history and present
In 2003 we started with one car and one instructor. Driving School Prague now has six instructors, six cars for instruction and two motorcycles available for you.

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